Subject: JM Janzen, black & white portrait; Credit: Liz Cooper - Kingston Photographer

the basics

A Computer Programmer Analyst (CPA) graduate for {milis}ms (or {days} days).

Acknowledging the cliché, I still consider myself a full‑stack developer: from servers, and dev-ops to testing, and view layers, I'm constantly seeking to excel at whatever is required to get the job done well.

the details

Early in my career, I caught the startup bug. So it's no coincidence that every software dev position I've held since graduation has been for tiny to medium businesses.

When working in such close quarters with project stakeholders one experiences a more immediate feedback loop between changes to code, and its a effect on co-workers and clients.

While learning to work well within a team is a big part of this vocation, I do enjoy the enhanced responsibility and control allowed/necessitated by enterprises at this scale.

Further, these companies tend to have a more results-oriented view of tasks, and are more capable of rapid and dramatic changes to the project's code base. This naturally requires more effort and attention from devs, which is nice for keeping us on our toes!

the rest

Other than working in my trade, I have interests in drawing, writing, playing with my 2 cats and 1 dog, and the unflinching adoration of my peers. ;p

Just kidding, I actually love constructive criticism.